Diet plan.

With diet plan mane specially for you, you will achieve your goals even faster. Do not worry that you do not like some food products, because we will create diet plan together based on your preferences, and we will not go far from your regular eating habits. Achieve your goals by eating enough and being happy!

Nutritional advice and diet plan - 150

Training program - 100

Nutritional advice and diet plan + training program - 200

Personal training.

Personal training.

Personal training cycle may take several months to several years or more, but to ensure the effectiveness of training, I recommend making at least a pack of 8 workouts.

The price includes training, diet plan, the price does not include subscription fees:

1. 8 sessions per month, for people who no time - 110 eur per workout (total 880 eur)

2. 12 sessions per month (best choice) - 100 eur per workout (total 1200 eur)

3. 16 sessions per month, with the aim of obtaining maximum results - 90 eur per workout

4. One training (without diet plan) - 120 eur.

I work in Malaga and other cities near Malaga, i work in english, spanish, russian and lithuanian.