• Fat burning training (special trainings for those who are overweight, or just want to get slimmer) – A usual client’s requirement is to lose weight and get rid of fat from the belly. Special effective training will help you to do this quickly and for all time. The quantity of exercises, the number of rests between sets and the appropriate cardio load will be well balanced personally just for you. In just a few weeks you will already see visible results, and don’t be surprised if you will need to tighten your belt or even change your entire wardrobe!
  • Training for muscle visibility – you have been training for quite a long time, see results, and want to prepare for a “beach season” or just want to get rid of remaining fat and finally see the “six pack” you always dreamed of? I will help you to achieve this by harmonizing all training from now till that day when you will rejoice with your lean, new muscle mass!
  • Muscle building training (special training for those who want to gain impressive lean muscle mass) - if you are slim and want to gain weight, I will help you to get results according to your imaginary lines of the body. Together we will improve your well-being and make your body attractive.
  • Heart rate, endurance training – you are strong, but no stamina? Your heart does not withstand harder workouts? This training is for you. I will pick exercises according to your heart rate and we will seek for a goal together. You will become not only strong, but also stayer and will make your heart stronger.
  • Muscle stretching, joint rejuvenation training (special exercises for stretching your muscles and joint functioning improvement) – many people complain about back and joint pains after spending all day in the office. During workouts we will pay special attention to exercise all joints so that they would be able to function like they are physiologically used to. In just a few training sessions you will already see amazing results after you will complete joint twisting and exercising.  Muscle stretching is no less important than any workout at the gym, using special stretching exercises we will stretch all muscle groups and after that you will no doubt feel even more at ease.