Training at your home

Don’t have time for the gym? Want to exercise at home? Personal training at home is a service that gives you the opportunity to have a great and healthy body while exercising at home under a professional trainer’s supervision. Only when we reach your goals together we can then achieve amazing results, while spending only a few hours a week.
During personal training I bring my own equipment, which helps to polish up your body.
Why would you need a personal trainer? People who exercise without a trainer spend several years in a row seeking their goals and usually do not see the result they want, chagrin and give up. The target of a personal trainer is that training should become interesting and that goals would be achieved as quickly as possible. According to your goals and combined with the lines of your body, I will select personalized exercises for achieving the best results.

Training at the gym
Many people who go to the gym for a long time usually ask me – why do I exercise for a few years already and still do not any results? I reply to them, that if they want to achieve their goals faster, one needs to take care for this sport, diet, exercising techniques, training loads distribution for lagging muscle groups, training methodology changes or… to have a personal trainer, who will take that responsibility for you. When they start using my services, they start changing and in several months achieve more than during these years when they trained without the help of a personal trainer. At the moment, I am currently working at the Vilnius sports club “Body Gym” where we can train.