I tried many trainers and many sports, and I was often disappointed by results. With Paulius everything is different – only if I come to training do I start smiling and the results are just excellent. Paulius not only balanced my trainings, but also created a nutrition plan, which helped me to make my muscles more visible. I lost twelve kilograms and now I am so happy every time I look in the mirror.



This trainer helped me to achieve my dream – get rid of fat from my belly and hips and retain a slim figure. Now I know what and how I have to do, I don’t need to be on exhaustive diets to retain all this. We keep on working, because new goals have emerged!



During workouts Paulius helps to use all of your effort, and that makes you closer to the desired objectives. When training with a coach I realized how many exercises I was doing incorrectly, I noticed that when I started exercising correctly I became much stronger. Three months with Paulius brought much greater results that exercising alone for whole year.




I started exercising with Paulius, with the ultimate goal – relax after office work and “lose my sides”.  When exercising together, that became such a pleasant habit, that after half a year of sports I feel young, beautiful and flexible again. One more pros – my household began eating much healthier, though no less tasty. My whole family had problems with overweight, but eating by using Paulius’ tips is a pleasure. Although it is only I who exercise with Paulius, all of my family have benefits of that – we all lost weight and are healthier.




I came to the gym in order to strengthen my body and have nice abs, while using all of my effort. I started to enjoy my body, because after half a year of working together I receive envious comments about my improving body shape, and now I have six squares instead of my flat belly!